Hello, I'm Michelle. I run a little design agency in Kloof Street, Cape Town... although that doesn't really matter, I'm great with communication, so you never even have to meet me. (Unless you want to, some people like my face). I am quick ("Slow down Michelle.") and creative ("You're crazy.") and have a great passion for life. I think that's important. I love colours, and textures, acoustic guitars, the smell of autumn, grass and most things ("Please stop sniffing everything, it's embarrassing"). Sometimes I get lost in ideas and concepts and my brain runs away with me... I just can't help it, everything is so very exciting. Especially my job, can I call it a job? My lifestyle then. I like creating things, like logos, and websites, paintings, new recipes, and messes, especially messes. However, I also like putting things in their place : back to where you belong, things. I like systems, making life easier, streamlining, simplifying. I like simple. Less is more and all that.
If you're interested in working with me, please drop me a mail, I would love to hear from you.